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Perfect Menu from the Perfect catering Service Now for You

With the holidays in sight, there is enough for you to organize. No problem, because you are used to that. Nevertheless, finding a good caterer can still cause the necessary stress. What should you look for if you choose one?

Not everyone is as good at plans as you. So it may happen that you have to quickly find a caterer because your manager decides to give a New Year’s reception or lunch last minute. An advantage is that you can find a lot online, but how do you choose from the enormous range? To select a good caterer you must pay attention to a number of things. And also have a little luck of course. A good starting point can be to check which catering you were very satisfied when you visited a (similar) event. You have already tasted the atmosphere and the snacks. With the famous singapore corporate catering services your options will be perfected.

Tips to limit choice

In addition, it helps to pay attention to the following points:

Start from the type of event. If you organize a fairly small event, you may also come a long way with a local caterer.

Choose someone who can test-cook for you. This way you know what to expect.

Check that the caterer operates according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) standards. This is a European quality standard for, among other things, the transport, production and preparation and the delivery of food products.

Inquire with colleagues, neighbors from the business complex or good business relations which caterer they can recommend. After all, it is about limiting your choice.

The more extensive the range on the shelves of the company restaurant or the choice on the menu, the happier we are! However, this appears to be a misunderstanding. We become insecure from too much choice. It makes us just dissatisfied and unhappy. Too much choice can even lead to no choice! How does psychology relate to the choices in catering?

A lot of research has been done into the choice behavior of people in an environment of abundant choices. Results indicate that the more there is to choose, the more unhappy people become and the less satisfied they are with their choices. We all know the distinction made in ‘maximizers’ and ‘satisfiers’. Maximisers are people who only choose after they have studied all options. They walk through the entire restaurant to inventory everything. Satisfiers, on the other hand, are people who, after a little preliminary research, choose what they think is ‘good enough’.


Research shows that maximizers are much less satisfied and less happy with their choices and their lives in general than satisfiers.

Psychologically, there are explanations for this. Maximizers invest a lot of time, energy, emotions and sometimes also money in finding the best product. They set high standards and have high expectations.